Shopping centers not only bustle with commercial activity but are also increasingly becoming community spaces. Leading shopping centers invest massively in their brands and ensure their customers have an unmatched experience. One way they do this is by hiring reliable shopping center exterior cleaning companies to ensure their exterior spaces are immaculate.

Benefits of Shopping Center Exterior Cleaning

Pressure washing your shopping center exterior safeguards the health and safety of your tenants, shoppers, and staff. Crucially, professionally cleaning your shopping center exterior can minimize allergens, such as dust, pollen, and mold. Doing so improves the quality of the experience for your staff, tenants, and shoppers. 

Keeping your shopping exterior clean also creates a visually pleasing environment that staff, tenants, and shoppers will appreciate. Your exterior space is a huge part of your brand because it’s the first thing people see. A clean exterior space helps your shopping center attract and retain tenants and shoppers.

How Shopping Center Exterior Cleaning Is Done

Distinct areas of your shopping center exterior that need regular cleaning include:

  • Parking area
  • Sidewalks
  • Entrance/exit area
  • Walls
  • Columns
  • Canopies

An experienced commercial cleaning company can inspect your property’s exterior and advise you on how often you should clean specific areas, depending on foot traffic and the amount of dirt. For example, quarterly pressure washing may be appropriate for the sidewalks and parking areas.

The surfaces on the shopping center exterior differ from the interior surfaces. Parking lots and sidewalks are made of concrete, while interior spaces have different types of flooring, such as wood and tiles. Moreover, a lot more dirt, dust, and debris gather on exterior surfaces.

Consequently, the techniques and equipment needed to clean shopping center exteriors differ from those used for interior areas. The exterior surfaces require heavy-duty pressure washing equipment for effective cleaning. Furthermore, this equipment needs professional handling to achieve the best results.

Choosing the Right Shopping Center Exterior Cleaning Company

Cleaning your shopping center exterior is a tremendous job that’s beyond the capacity of the building’s cleaning staff. Only a commercial cleaning company can effectively do this job. However, you need to hire reliable and experienced commercial cleaning professionals to get the best results.

You can search for commercial cleaning companies online or get recommendations from other commercial property managers. Once you have a handful of cleaning companies to consider, there are a few things you need to take into account to help you hire the right company.

  • Equipment. Ensure the commercial cleaning company you hire has the appropriate commercial-grade pressure washing equipment for your property’s cleaning.
  • References. Check the commercial cleaning company’s references and view before-and-after photos of shopping center exteriors the company has cleaned.
  • Customer Reviews. Read customer reviews from other commercial property managers using the cleaning companies you’re considering.

Take your time to find a reputable and reliable commercial cleaning company to ensure you get the best exterior cleaning services at affordable rates.

Spotless Shopping Center Exteriors

Besides connecting businesses, such as retailers, restaurants, and spas, with their customers, your shopping center helps people connect with their community. Keeping the exterior spaces clean enhances the experience of your shoppers, tenants, and staff. Contact Sun Brite Services today for a free quote.

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