During recent months, you have undoubtedly increased the frequency and efficiency of the cleaning protocols in your medical facility. You are doing everything possible to protect and reassure your employees, patients, and everyone who comes into your building. However, if your exterior areas are full of dirt, grime, and unidentifiable stains, people may lose confidence in the cleanliness of your establishment before they even walk through the door. At Sun Brite Services, we are dedicated to making the exterior areas of your property spotless and sending the clear message that this is a clean, sanitary medical building that is safe for all who enter.

Weather, People, and Constant Use Produce Dirt, Grime, and Debris

Increased traffic at hospitals and other medical properties not only means careful scrutiny by more people, but also expands the need for frequent and thorough cleaning. Areas that are easy to overlook on a daily basis can become a total turn-off to people driving up or walking onto your property:

  • Parking lots stained with oil or other fluids from standing vehicles
  • Waste containers and recycling barrels, laden with filth and gummy residues
  • Walkways and gutters with unappealing stains and grime
  • Exterior waiting areas and benches covered with soil, slime, or gummy materials
  • Building walls and siding stained with grime or tainted with graffiti
  • Windows smeared with soil, water spots, bird droppings, and other scum

Our Services Provide Sparkling Results

Sun Brite Services supplies your medical property with professional exterior cleaners and brings over 25 years of pressure washing experience to the job. Whether it is pressure washing sidewalks and trash barrels or thoroughly cleaning every inch of window glass, our technicians make sure to exceed your highest expectations. We cover everything, including curbs and gutters, benches, and even cobwebs, in the areas we clean. Our fastidious services help reassure even the most apprehensive patients and employees.

If you’re ready to make the exterior of your medical facility as clean and spotless as the interior, contact Sun Brite Services today! 

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