Cleaning Up Firework Damage

The Independence Day celebrations have come and gone. However, your company’s exterior may continue to be a reminder of what great fun the community had. Unfortunately, ash from the festive fireworks can do a number on the surfaces around your property. Black powder and sulfur from fireworks can leave unpleasant staining and discoloration on the concrete to the siding,. Taking care of the problem from firework damage is the key to leaving no trace.

Bring in the Professionals

Bring in the team from Sun Brite Services to handle the cleanup before you think of doing anything else. Even if the fireworks were held blocks away, the ash, debris, and other particles of the display travel through the air to blanket the community with staining. Professional power washing services can take care of the stains that occurred where the fireworks were lit as well as where the debris landed.

Rely on Multi-Surface Cleaning

The various components of fireworks have different effects across various surfaces and materials. For example, black stains on concrete sidewalks indicate where a firework was lit. This is a very difficult stain to remove. A high power pressure washing and strong cleaning may help to lift or lighten the stain. Asphalt stains may appear yellow or white from the sulfur. While the sun may help lighten these areas, our technicians at Sun Brite Services can lift them more quickly.

Prevent Long Term Damage

The longer damaging materials are allowed to stay on the darker the staining. Without prompt attention to the walkways, parking lot, or building siding, the damage may be irreversible. Our team knows exactly what to do for each surface affected by firework debris and compounds. Contact us today to schedule a thorough pressure washing of your property and building.

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