Graffiti and tagging are on the rise once again in metro Atlanta. And this is despite the art form being illegal and considered a form of vandalism by residents and business owners alike.

In fact, graffiti removal is one of the most challenging issues commercial property and facility managers in Atlanta, GA, have to deal with. It gives a property an unprofessional look, and removal options can look unsightly if not done correctly.

Read on to learn why an experienced commercial graffiti remover will make your job easier.

It’s Gone Quick Smart

If you have little experience with commercial graffiti removal, you’ll face an uphill battle getting that spray paint off your walls. It’s not a DIY job!

Professional removalists understand how to remove graffiti quickly and efficiently—with as little disruption to your daily operations as possible. Calling in the pros saves your time and, by getting it off quickly, ensures your business’ reputation remains intact.

You Won’t Ruin Your Walls

The exterior walls of many commercial buildings are made of concrete or brick. These materials are sturdy yet also porous. When a vandal comes along and sprays their “art” on a brick or concrete wall, the paint soaks in and is challenging to remove.

Operators of commercial graffiti removal or commercial pressure washing services know how to tackle even the most challenging paint stains without damaging the surface. Through experience, they know how much pressure to use and which are the best nozzles and safest chemicals.

It’s Surprisingly Affordable

Removing graffiti seems like it would take forever and, therefore, be a costly project. In fact, it’s far cheaper to hire an expert team than attempt to tackle the problem yourself. You’re likely unfamiliar with the tools and products needed to remove graffiti; you could waste a lot of money on trial and error.

Instead, ask for a free estimate from your trusted local service provider. They will ask you to send photos or videos of the damage or visit your commercial property to evaluate the situation.

Get Every Last Bit

Professional curb appeal is essential for all types of companies, from cafes to office buildings to factories. If you don’t remove graffiti thoroughly, it can hurt your business.

A professional graffiti removal service provider will ensure every last drop of paint is removed from your walls, windows, or roller doors. That’s because they have:

  • Professional-grade tools, equipment, and products
  • In-depth knowledge of how to tackle all types of commercial graffiti

Not only that but cleaning a wall thoroughly sends a message to vandals that this wall isn’t worth their time.

Why You Need a Commercial Graffiti Remover

The benefits of investing in the services of a commercial graffiti remover are clear. Not only do the pros get the job done faster due to experience and access to industrial-grade equipment, but they also ensure your building is left in even better shape than before it was vandalized.

Is your metro Atlanta business suffering from a plague of graffiti? Contact Sun Brite Services today to discuss your removal options. With decades of experience under our belts, we’re the local industry leader in cleaning commercial building exteriors.

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