The weather patterns in Atlanta and the foot traffic commercial properties receive can really do a number on the appearance and cleanliness of your grounds. Trying to figure out how much to spend each year for a good exterior cleaning can be tough, as pollen build-up can occur more than once a year and stains could appear on the parking lot without warning. As you prepare for the 2022 property management budget, be sure a routine cleaning from Sun Brite Services makes the list.

The Purpose of Your Budget

Even though you may have an idea of the property cleaning needs you will face next year, your company needs to have the funds available to meet these needs without hurting operations or any other department’s financial needs. A budget will help your company achieve financial goals and track your spending in various areas. With property management, your goal is to ensure that the money spent is well worth the investment.

You need a budget for the following reasons:

  • Make projections for income and expenses
  • Create performance goals and evaluate the success
  • Understand financial capabilities and possibilities
  • Make a continuous improvement to the exterior and interior of the property

The Items of Your Property Management Budget

The income that forms the base of your budget can come from many sources, whether it is application fees, processing fees, tenant rental, parking, and more. Based on what you are bringing in, you can make the list of expenses that will be covered. With property management, your exterior needs should include the following cleanings at least twice a year:

  • Pressure washing services for driveways, sidewalks, building exterior or dumpster areas
  • Thorough cleaning of awnings, entryways, signage

Major storms and the seasonal impact of pollens, leaves, and dust may require additional cleaning. Be sure your budget takes into account these potential additional expenses.

Exterior Cleaning That Works With Your Budget

Sun Brite Services can work with your budget to provide thorough pressure cleaning services for your company’s exterior. Contact us for a quote today!

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