Removing Gum From Your Shopping Center

When it comes to the toughest cleaning jobs, shopping centers are often the common factor. If you own or manage one of these facilities, you want the best commercial and industrial cleaning you can find. At Sun Brite Services, we have the right tools and training to take care of spills, stains, gum removal, graffiti, and more.

Powerful Tools for Gum Removal

One of our most popular services is the complete removal of all gum from your walls, sidewalks, and furniture. This sticky substance has a way of getting just about everywhere. Not only does it look unpleasant, but it also tends to get on people’s clothes, shoes, and even hands. You know that anyone who comes across discarded gum on your premises will not be a happy customer. Professional gum cleaning with pressure washing has many benefits:

  • Guaranteed removal of all gum globs and residue
  • The cleaning of a variety of surfaces at the same time
  • The sanitization of your facility
  • The beautification of your store

Not only will our workers use the best methods of power cleaning, but they will also work manually on stubborn stains if necessary. This means using scrapers and other tools to deal with any sticky substances they encounter.

A Comprehensive Approach to Cleaning

We know that a lot can happen to your commercial space. For this reason, we take a thorough approach to cleaning all aspects. We have the right equipment to handle walls, sidewalks, parking lots, awnings, patios, and trash enclosures.

Sun Brite Services has been a trusted name in the Atlanta area for over 25 years. We can set up a flexible schedule that will meet all of your cleaning needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

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