No one can deny how satisfying it is to see the before and after of a pressure washed commercial building. When choosing a company to aid in this transformation, you want to be able to trust their skills and experience. As a business owner, you should be prepared with questions to ask your pressure washing service provider. 

Is Your Scheduling Flexible?

No specialist should be unwilling to work with your schedule. Some specialists offer times outside of normal business hours for those who have a strict schedule. The company you choose must be able to meet your demands.

Do You Train Your Specialists?

It takes a skilled specialist to be able to remove dirt, grime, graffiti, and oil from a variety of surfaces. Specialists must know how to operate the equipment and apply the right techniques when cleaning a building’s surface. In hard-to-reach areas, safety also becomes an issue. You don’t want an untrained person sanitizing delicate surfaces.

Do You Have References?

Every reputable company has references on-hand. Most would be more than happy to introduce you to their clients. Do not trust a company who is hesitant to release client information, as they usually have something to hide, such as bad client feedback.

Are You Insured?

Even in the best-case-scenario, accidents might happen. Without insurance, you may be liable for any injury that occurs on your commercial property. Be aware of low prices that are far below market value, as those prices may indicate a lack of insurance.

What Is the Process?

Can your specialist describe the process to you? Do you know what you are paying for? We can answer all your questions about timeframe, team process, and what types of materials and techniques we use. We understand the importance of clear communication.

When it comes to pressure washing, you deserve to have the best possible service. Contact us at Sun Brite Services by calling 770-629-8068 or emailing us today to find out more!

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