Commercial Pressure Washing

When you own a commercial property in the southeast, keeping your building’s exterior clean is challenging. The heat, humidity, and inclement weather can accelerate mold and algae growth and make your building less aesthetically pleasing. When you use a commercial pressure washer on your property, you can give it a new appearance, reduce repair costs, protect customers, and prevent pest infestations.

Improving the Appearance

Pressure washing the dirt, grime, and mold off your building’s walls makes the property look brighter and recently refurbished. Whether a new tenant enters the building or a group of customers, they’ll feel more confident about the interior when they see attractive, clean exterior walls.

Minimizing Repairs

Over time, walls covered with dirt and grime absorb moisture and begin to deteriorate. When the walls are clean, water can drain off the surface quickly onto the ground without collecting on the tile. Pressure washing removes debris and other damaging particulates from the walls and soffits, and it saves you money on repair costs by protecting the exterior building materials.

Protecting Tenants and Patrons

On nice days, your tenants probably enjoy their downtime outdoors by your building. You can keep your building free of pollen and other irritants that can harm tenants with respiratory issues by pressure washing the structure, and it can add more value to the outdoor space for them.

Keeping Pests Away

Insects and rodents can become a severe problem when they make a new home in the exterior of your building. Keeping your walls clean with pressure washing makes your property less desirable to pests. When a building’s exterior is neglected, the walls are more vulnerable to cracking and deterioration. Small holes and cracks provide insects and rodents access to the interior and provide an ideal habitat for wasps and hornets with the collected debris on the exterior.

Pressure washing your property keeps the area clean, makes your tenants happy, and protects your investment. When you require commercial pressure washing in the Atlanta area, you can contact Sun Brite Services.

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