The parking lot of your commercial property is often one of the first areas visitors or customers see. Their first impression can lead to a negative perception of the state of your business if it’s filled with debris and worn down. In addition to concerns with appearance, a parking lot in disrepair can be a safety hazard for customers, tenants, and employees. A professional, thorough power washing job from Sun Brite Services will benefit your property in several ways.

Extended Longevity

Even though asphalt and concrete are durable materials, these surfaces need regular maintenance to ensure they last a long time. A buildup of oil, salt, or other chemicals can cause asphalt to break down, causing cracks or holes. Removing mold or debris will help preserve the condition of the asphalt and prolongs its usefulness before needing a repair overlay. It also removes material that contributes to the formation of cracks and other parking lot concerns.

Superior Appearance

Though it’s essential to your company, guests and consumers don’t always treat the parking lot well. People spit their gum out, drop their trash, or leave oil spills when they pull away. Many of these substances are difficult to remove. Power washing applies intense water pressure to the asphalt or concrete, efficiently and quickly removing stains and other materials that seem stuck.

Increased Safety

Patrons must walk through the parking lot to get to your building, and there are many opportunities to slip and fall if the surface is full of cracks, covered with sticky substances, or littered with debris. Stains and dirt can make it harder to see parking lot striping or arrows, potentially causing confusion when visitors drive around.

Choose a Respected Partner

Don’t let your commercial parking lot get sabotaged by debris, mildew, oil, or other problems. Call on Sun Brite Services for a professional power washing job. Make your appointment today.

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