Keeping your commercial building clean and presentable is part of your investment. Maintaining the exteriors of high-traffic facilities increases the property value and can often increase your profit, depending on the building use. Pressure washing is part of the regularly scheduled maintenance that buildings require. Find out how often pressure washing should be scheduled for best results. 

When To Schedule Pressure Washing 

Pressure washing goes a long way to keep your building clean and presentable. The frequency of the services should be determined by the amount of time the site maintains a professional appearance between washes and budgetary parameters. 


Bi-annual treatments help keep property value and public perception where they should be. For most commercial buildings, twice a year is acceptable to schedule pressure washing services. It is just enough maintenance to remove any build-up that could permanently damage the exterior of your property.


Some places don’t experience all four seasons and don’t necessarily require more pressure washing treatments than bi-annually. Other sites, like here in Atlanta and other areas with high pollen or periods of intense storms, would benefit from seasonal maintenance. Scheduling pressure washing four times a year ensures that your building is freshly cleaned more frequently. Seasonal washing is especially ideal for facilities that decorate for the holidays.


Bi-annual pressure washing is the baseline for the number of services a building should undergo each year. However, keeping the cost of one or two extra washes in your budget can help upkeep your facility if it needs additional cleaning. Wildfires, construction, house fires, and other unpredictable events can create the appearance of dirty or dingy exteriors that need to be addressed sooner than your next scheduled pressure washing.

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